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“Love God, Likes Girls” Giveaway

I’m giving away 3 copies of Sally Gary’s new book, Loves God Likes Girls: A Memoir.” You can scroll to the bottom to see how you can grab a copy, or you can read my reflections – which can’t possibly do Sally’s book justice.

I met my friend, Sally Gary, several years ago when we were panelists discussing a topic I now can’t recall. A few months prior to the event, we met at an Abilene restaurant to discuss whatever it was that I now can’t remember. In a our first meeting, I knew Sally was a deeply wonderful woman of God. Throughout the years, I’ve never second-guessed my initial perception.

Sally is just the kind of person the Christian community needs to be writing, speaking, and leading us into the tremendously important conversation on LGBTQ issues. Through her work at CenterPeace, Sally has given countless Christians and their families a safe place to discuss and understand issues of same-sex attraction. Now, she has blessed the church and her leaders with another gift, her memoir, “Loves God Likes Girls: A Memoir.”

Over 239-pages, Sally shares her life and her heart. It is tender, sweet, sometimes sad, and seasoned with God’s activity in her life and the lives of her family. It is also Sally’s story of how she has tried to understand and deal with her attraction to women; an attraction to women neither she, her family nor her church knew how to deal with.

And Sally is not alone.

Sally, I believe, could have told us her story or one-thousand other stories with similar overtones and under currents. Homosexuality is the third rail of the evangelical community. Yet, “Loves God, Likes Girls” changes the conversation in ways the conversation desperately needs to be changed. As we have said previously in this space, there are no “issues,” when it comes to showing and sharing God’s love and grace, there are only people.  God’s children.  As you sit and hear Sally’s story, what you hear is the heart of a young girl who is seeking God who becomes a woman who is seeking God. All of this occurs in the midst of personal, intellectual, emotional, and theological turmoil.

Regardless of your views on homosexuality, only the stony-hearted and sheltered will be unmoved by Sally’s story. If you or someone you love is struggling with feeling of same-sex attraction, you need to buy and read this book.

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  • Tom Howard

    I believe the world needs to hear the message God has given Sally. Blessings to her and all those she touches.

  • Tim Stephens

    Sounds interesting. I would like to read it.

    • Need a little more, Tim. 🙂

  • David Spain

    I want a copy of this book so that my family and I can read it. I believe that this book will help to spark conversations that might not happen otherwise.

  • Lou Kirk

    I would very much appreciate being entered in the drawing for this book. It will probably give me some answers to questions I have in how to deal with, how to answer “same-sex” relationship inquiries.
    Thx, Lou

  • McKenzie Moore Taylor

    I’d like to read this book, because as a pretty much life-long Christian, and a sister who deeply loves her brother who is gay, this has been an issue I have struggled with for many years. Also, as someone newly involved in my church’s youth group, I think it would be great to gain another perspective on this often difficult-to-discuss topic. In LA especially, homosexuality and how Christians should respond to it is something that inevitably comes up. Having already read Wesley Hill’s “Washed and Waiting,” it would be great to gain another perspective.

    I’m already a subscriber 🙂

    • I love my subscribers. My favorite people in the world.

  • Susan price

    I love Sally Gary and her bravery for stepping out to tell her story. I want to read this book as I am struggling myself as to how the church does not except same sex partners in some churches. Sally has been a sweet friend and I love hr heart.

  • Becky bell Scott

    Sean. Nice post. Because you are the second person I respect to mention Sally Gary’s work to me in the past 4 days I am going to skip the drawing and just order it.

  • I really enjoyed Sally Gary’s talk at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures this year. Been kicking myself for not getting a copy yet. I’d wanted to do a review since this is “Gay Pride” month. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

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