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“I‘d listen to more Christian radio, if the DJ’s didn’t talk.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Christians – both inside and outside my own community of faith – share this sentiment. Add to that the growing number of Christian people who tell me they grow weary of the saccharin, seemingly-departed-from-real-life, sentiments of Christian music, and it’s easy to see that something is going on in “Christian Art” which some believers find frustrating.

While there are bright spots (for me: Gungor, Hillsong United, Third Day, Derek Webb, Robbie Seay and others), much of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is designed for the sensibilities of the children and the most easily offended corners of the American Evangelical subculture.

But there is hope. Enter “Agenda Music: A Conversation on Faith and Art With Derek Webb, Seth Tower Hurd, Sean Palmer, and Friends (like me),” a book you won’t hear about on the radio, yet calling Christian creatives to embrace the larger marketplace and see all beauty as God’s beauty. If you found “Killing Becky” useful or attended my sessions, Designing Wonder, on creativity in worship at Pepperdine Bible Lectures, you must read “Agenda Music.”

You can get it today and PAY WHAT YOU WANT. All proceeds go to charity. Go get it NOW!

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