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The Craft: Recapturing the Power & Beauty of Preaching

Preaching is terribly important.

In fact, it may be more important now than it ever has been. Everyone – both Christian and non-Christians – have some thought, idea, or question about preaching and what preaching should be.

What we like. What we don’t like. Who we believe is effective and who isn’t, all of these issues are front and center in the mind of the hearers when it comes to preaching.

Since Christians spend a good bit of time throughout their lives, sitting in pews and listening to preaching, it’s fair to assume that each would have opinions. Therefore, I’m not surprised to find an increasing number of people asking me about the preaching event and preparation for preaching. In recent weeks I’ve been contacted by preachers, youth ministers, lay persons, elders, and all other stripes of church members about my preaching, their preacher, their preaching, or becoming a better preacher (This is not necessarily because I am a great preacher, but rather because I’ve become well-known and greatly teased for my all too frequent railings about bullet points). To shed some light on my process, I’m going to spend a few posts dealing with – what I hope – is a helpful approach to the weekly homily. I pray I don’t bore my “non-preacher” readers with a shade too much “inside baseball.” Let’s start with a few words from a preaching giant, Dr. Fred Craddock:

Share with us: What do you think makes good preaching? 


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  • I like the fact that Craddock connects following Jesus (the “doing”) with preaching. Preachers seems to be at their best when they speak from an authentic voice. When they do so, they are like a well of water that is in overflow. However, the quickest way for the overflow to stop and the well to start running towards dry is for the preacher to stop following Jesus (and not just in the big things but also the small areas of life too).

    Grace and Peace,


  • Cynthia Coyle

    It’s funny. I never much gave it any thought as to what makes a good sermon, a good preacher or how someone prepared for it. For me? if it touches my heart, if it makes a connection to me, if my heart spills over into my eyes…..then I know that the pastor has connected God to me. But how does a preacher do this? from an honest heart. He or she doesn’t put on ‘airs’, doesn’t speak to the congregation as if they ‘know it all’. I think what you said on Sunday…just tell YOUR story. It’s all any of us really have anyway, right? One of my favorite pastors was a man named Howard Hoekstra. Now matter what subject he talked about, you always knew that he was genuine–and–that he cared about every (yes every) person in the church. It just came out of him. I think that’s what Craddock says, (or maybe that’s what I heard), but it’s about genuine-ness and honesty. People just know. ~~C

  • mattdabbs

    Have you read Christ-Centered Preaching by Chapell? One of the best books on preaching I have ever read. It isn’t that I would imitate his approach as much as I appreciate the wisdom and random remarks that really speak to my heart.

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