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Moving Steadily Ahead

Arnold Bennet said, “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” That’s exactly how I felt this morning as I stood at The Vine Church and shared with them our transition to a new ministry context. I have said in the past, and still believe, there is no […]

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The Arrest

A Homily ——————— That night itself was pregnant with the pangs of irony and opposites.  As the mob marched with torches and lanterns—in search of The Light.  Gathered in anger, anxiety and anticipation soldiers, Priest, police and Pharisees brandish their weapons to make war against the Prince of Peace.  Judas backed by army, but lacking […]

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Restaurant Or Pot-Luck? Curing Our MeChurch Virus

There is a corrosive contagion at the heart of the American church. Quite simply, it’s consumerism. Even more frankly, I’m at a loss for what to do about it. Americans exist in a culture built on productivity, buying, and selling. We don’t need to deconstruct the nature, causes, positives, and negatives of a consumeristic culture, […]

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Real Life Bursts Through: Giving God Your Blemished Life

One of the best parts of the Interwebs the last two weeks has been the, now viral, BBC interview with Robert E. Kelley. Kelley, as you surely know, was being interviewed via Skype about the deadly important issues surrounding South Korean politics. Kelley is a professor at Pusan National University and was on the BBC […]

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