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The Most Dangerous Thing About Advent

A re-post and update of one of my favs from a few years back. ———————— A lot of ministers love preaching during Advent…but it’s also dangerous! For those of us in free church traditions, this is a time of year we can unapologetically turn to the lectionary and no one will give us grief about […]

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The War on Christmas

The “War On Christmas” is bogus…except that it’s not. The trouble with the War On Christmas is that there really is a war. And it really is about Christmas. It’s just not the war we hear about this time of year. It’s not the war being sold on cable television and being highlighted by purveyors […]

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The Acts 15 Problem – A New Shibboleth

It’s Thanksgiving week. Therefore, next week we’ll all be treated to the all-but-non-existent, but deeply offensive war on Christmas. This war will be served to us by a conglomerate of agitated voices that couldn’t care less about Jesus and Christmas, but would rather keep Christians stirred up in order that we help them reach some […]

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Speaking The Truth In Love

The Christian way of being mean is telling those we’ve offended that we’re “speaking the truth in love”. Misappropriating this little gem from Ephesians 4 is popular because it allows us to be rude, condescending, and hurtful to non-Christians while simultaneously allowing us to hold on to our own privilege and self-righteousness. There’s been a […]

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Creating Space For Women to Speak

Last December, I published my first e-book, Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women. What began as a sermon series years ago, became an obsession, which then became Scandalous. I had no agenda when I wrote Scandalous; that is no agenda other than allowing the strong and beautifully brave women mentioned in the genealogy of […]

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