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How You See Is What You See

My birth certificate doesn’t tell researchers, marketers, or pollsters how to reach me with their message. Except, it does, at least a little bit. My birth certificate will inform you that that I’m African-American, male and was born in Mississippi. A touch of math will tell you I’m 41-years old. Today, that’s all many people […]

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Vulnerability As Holiness (Tempted #3)

I’m often shocked by how my mental and emotional memories are shaped by TV shows. This is especially true of the TV shows my dad watched when I was kid. You won’t believe this, but up until my senior year in high school, my bedtime was 8:30. As I was going to bed, I’d hear […]

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Hungry? Just Wait! (Temptation#2)

A few weeks ago, I began a blog series called, Temptation. We’re taking some time to talk about one scene early in the ministry of Jesus where He is tempted by Satan in the desert. You can find the first post here. The temptation of Jesus started in Matthew 4 with this one-sentence: “The Spirit […]

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Worship: For You and The World

I find myself fascinated by tortured authors who commit suicide. I know its macabre, but I’m captivated by people who are both incredibly gifted and distraught by their own personal demons. Most of them, turns out, suffer severe clinical depression of some kind. It’s the mix of their genius and depression that creates great art […]

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