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The Next Step In Becoming

As Exclusive Subscribers to The Palmer Perspective know, I have some BIG NEWS to announce. It’s personally significant, but, I believe, it’s even more meaningful for American Christians and the American church. For some time, you and I have craved a church that was a truer reflection of Jesus – a church more loving, accepting, […]

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Hungry? Just Wait! (Temptation#2)

A few weeks ago, I began a blog series called, Temptation. We’re taking some time to talk about one scene early in the ministry of Jesus where He is tempted by Satan in the desert. You can find the first post here. The temptation of Jesus started in Matthew 4 with this one-sentence: “The Spirit […]

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What Are YOU Reading This Summer?

Summer is the absolute best time to catch-up or get ahead on your reading. There’s simply no way around it, the greatest tool for your personal development and growth is reading. Plus, it’s one of the few aspects of life you can actually control. As a pastor, writer, and leader, I have to read in […]

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I Did Everything Wrong

“I did everything wrong.” These were the words that leapt to my mind Monday afternoon as I was preparing for the launch of my first e-book, “Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women.” The thought wasn’t simply nerves or anxiety. It was the truth. With everything I’d learned about launching an e-book, given all the […]

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