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The Justice Project – A Review

This is a review of ‘The Justice Project’ which I posted at Viral Bloggers. ——————– If you are looking for a primer on justice, then “The Justice Project” is a good place to start. Another entry from the “Emersion” partnership between BakerBooks and Emergent Village (which I heard was dead), “The Justice Project” props the […]

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The Diversity Culture — an overstated review

This is my review of Matthew Raley’s “The Diversity Culture,” which was posted at Viral Bloggers. I picked up Matthew Raley’s. “The Diversity Culture” with great anticipation. Raley is a pastor in my new neck-of-the-woods, dealing with the same social, cultural and spiritual challenges that I have, and the topic – Christian engagement with others […]

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Finding An Unseen God – A Book Review

Below is the book review I offered for ViralBloggers. —————————————————– If you’re looking to engage a delightful story of discovering faith, then Alicia Britt Chole’s Finding An Unseen God: Reflections Of A Former Atheist is just right for you. As one who frequently digests academic theology, Chole’s memoir of faith was a wonderful change of […]

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