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A Whopper for Lunch

After well over a year, I will return to my favorite heart-destroying fast-food chain, Burger King. In short, I — along with many others — have been boycotting The King because the company¬† was participating in literal slavery. Fortunately, the burger chain had a “Come to Jesus” meeting (read: legal actions) and repented. Here is […]

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Going Postal…

For quite a time now I’ve had a series of presentations about the “post-modern/post-Christian” turn in epistemology (the nature and scope of knowing/knowledge). I’ve talked about in at least four states and read more about it than I care to acknowledge. Now before I go on, I do believe the we have a changing epistemology, […]

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So now it begins…

Well, here we go! My oldest daughter, Malia, went to her first dance class last Wednesday night. For months now she’s been telling us that she wanted to go to “ballerina school.” It’s her mother’s fault because each Christmas the two of them attend The Nutcracker (a tradition that was born out of my deep […]

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Hebrews 10.25 talks about believers encouraging one another. I never really got that verse. Probably because most of the time people used it they were focusing on “forsaking the assembly,” or something like that. But today I understand. If you’ve checked this space lately, you noticed that our congregation is in the middle of participating […]

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