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Your Purity Test Won’t Work…Like Ever!!!

Purity Test don’t work! If you hadn’t noticed, the American political scene is in shambles. Neither party is looking all that great and regardless of your personal political leanings, you’re likely not satisfied with all that is Washington D.C. One of the reasons – at least in my view – is the idea of purity […]

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The Real Thing (a reflection on “Lars and the Real Girl”)

A repost about one of my favorite movies, Lars & The Real Girl. —————————————————— Last night I began preparing for my summer preaching series, “Summer Blockbuster.” I’m going to take a look at movies that subversively — even to the authors and producers — tell the gospel in beautiful and compelling ways. One of those […]

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Loving Well

I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because our family has been so busy setting up office and house. In addition, I had to hit the ground running here in Redwood City. It seems that life doesn’t wait for you to get settled. On the preaching front, this past Sunday we began an 8-week study […]

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