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A Change Is Gonna (and has) Come…

I’ve mentioned before that I my father raised me listening to the protest music of the 1960’s. One of my favorite songs was sung by Sam Cooke, A Change Is Gonna Come. Not only should Sam Cooke be the only person to ever sing that song, but the words, I have found, are always true: […]

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The Non-Writing Life

I’m not dead!! If you were beginning to worry where I’ve been, I want you to know that the Grim Reaper hasn’t yet caught up to me. I’m still alive and kicking. The reason for my blogosphere absence is because (1) I haven’t had time recently to post, (2) I haven’t had anything to post, […]

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My Dungeon Shook

Well, since we have been surveying African-American literature this week, I thought I would post James Baldwin’s My Dungeon Shook. Baldwin penned this letter to his nephew — also named James — on the occasion of America’s 100th birthday. This piece is beautiful, with some of the most poignant phrases in all of literature.  ——————- […]

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Voting Parties

  My family voted this morning. All of us, me, my wife, Rochelle, and our daughters, Malia and Katharine all went to our local polling place to cast ballots. Though it is still “early voting,” the lines have been wrapped around corners and boasting hour long waits. Nevertheless, we took the chance today, betting that […]

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Following Directions

First, I ask of you to pray for me and my fellow residents of Houston, TX as Hurricane Ike bears down on our city. As a boy, my family referred to me as “Reverend Ike” because I used to mimic the song leader in church. (Note: Reverend Ike was a black TV preacher who used […]

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