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The Best of 2016 Or (How To Best Spend Your Time In 2017)

As we draw the curtain on 2016, here are my favs from the past year. These products were not necessarily released this calendar year, but I encountered them this year. My very tongue-in-cheek bio on Facebook cites me as “the curator of what you should like.” Though it’s a joke, it’s a responsibility I take […]

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Your Purity Test Won’t Work…Like Ever!!!

Purity Test don’t work! If you hadn’t noticed, the American political scene is in shambles. Neither party is looking all that great and regardless of your personal political leanings, you’re likely not satisfied with all that is Washington D.C. One of the reasons – at least in my view – is the idea of purity […]

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Racism Is a Gospel Problem

A few weeks ago I was honored to speak at the North American Christian Convention. While there, I sat down with Mark Taylor, Editor of Christian Standard and Lookout Magazine to talk about the convention, politics, race, and the church. It’s important, during these racially tense days, to understand the racism and racial justice were […]

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