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Life Happens

Does anyone know how to get the vomit smell out of a car? On our way back from central Texas Saturday night, my eldest daughter unleashed a fury of vomit in the backseat. What’s more, she was sleeping when she did it, and didn’t wake up until about halfway through. Poor girl! I still find it hard to believe that such a little body could hold so much gunk! So I spent Sunday afternoon shampooing and cleaning the backseat…yeah, a great Father’s Day indeed! The smell is better, but it’s still lingering.

Any suggestions?


The Spurs did it! I knew they would.

I got so tired of LeBron James getting all the publicity and being called the “second coming.” I especially grew tired of the “We Are All Witnesses” line. I wanted to say “We are all witnesses to LeBron getting swept !” James just simply isn’t there yet. He’s not Michael Jordan. He’s not even Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and oh, yeah, Tony Parker! Those guys have rings and don’t disappear in the finals. At the same time, LeBron James turned me into a LeBron James fan. At 22, he handled the finals, bad calls, and all the attention marvelously — unlike Steve Nash’s whining after Phoenix had to play by the same rules as the rest of the league. I was so impressed with him as a person, and will follow him more closely now. One day the league may be LeBron’s, if so, he will handle it well (though he needs to go ahead and marry his girlfriend and mother of his two kids) and be a great centerpiece for the league.


My lesson went well at my mother-in-law’s church — by that I mean some hated it and some loved it. It was clear that churches have a long way to go to reorient ourselves to a missional ecclesiology — we’re just so used to thinking of the church first and our community a lot later. I’m learning so much about myself and our churches as I engage this conversation more deeply. This is a great change for some people, and leaders like me need to be understanding, patient, and thoughtful as we undergo it.

Updates On Things Only I Think Are Important.

OK, enough is enough! Two weeks ago I enjoyed my favorite meal from Taco Bell — two double-decker tacos and a bean burrito. The next day people in the northeast were getting sick from eating at Taco Bell. Well, guess what. I ate at Olive Garden yesterday and now folks are getting sick from that. I hardly ever go out to eat, now when I do somebody dies.

Everyday brings the birth of our second daughter ever closer. Still no name decision in sight. It’s just that when we ask people for name ideas, the women just tell us to name her after them and the men give their wives or daughters name. Originality is dead!

Christmas is coming very quickly. I usually get a lot of reading done during that time. On my list to finish before the January 1: Barna’s “Revolution”, Rainer’s “Simple Church”, McManus’ “An Unstoppable Force”, Stanley et al’s “7 Practices of Effective Ministry”, and Batterson’s “In The Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day”.

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