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You, Me, and the 1%’s Greed

You and I tend to have a problem greed. Just about everyone thinks other people have too much — too many resources, too much money, and so on. It’s easy to take aim at the 1% or the rich people living in the subdivision across town. In a world where so few own so much […]

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The Best of 2016 Or (How To Best Spend Your Time In 2017)

As we draw the curtain on 2016, here are my favs from the past year. These products were not necessarily released this calendar year, but I encountered them this year. My very tongue-in-cheek bio on Facebook cites me as “the curator of what you should like.” Though it’s a joke, it’s a responsibility I take […]

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Believing Our Songs at Christmas

The best spiritual practice you could perform is to spend the next year simply trying to live the implications of your favorite hymn. My friend, Edward Fudge, once said, “We all sing All To Jesus I Surrender, and we’re all lying when sing it.” While Christians have spent centuries debating hymnody, one topic left off the […]

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How to Impress God Without Really Trying Part 2: Crowds Don’t Always Tell The Story

Today’s guest post is from my friend, Michael Mercer. Michael is the Senior Minister at the University Church of Christ in Conway, AR. He is married to the beautiful Leah Bivins Mercer and the couple have three children. ————- Crowds Feel Impressive As a senior pastor, my career lends itself to perception challenges. When you are […]

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