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(Re)Imagining Christianity…On Reconciliation

This is the guest post I did yesterday for Adam Walker Cleveland’s Pomomusings Blog. I post it here, in case you missed it there. ——————————– Too many of us have forgotten the major facet of Christianity that set the 1st-Century religious world on fire: Reconciliation. If you were a woman and wanted to speak freely, […]

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Mind Trick

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Thanks for stopping by today, but I’m guess blogging over at Pomomusings. Hop over there to see today’s entry….And leave a very kind comment.

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Saturday Song – Where The Streets Have No Name

Where The Streets Have No Name  by U2 is one of my favorite songs. It is spiritually, theologically, and sociologically deep. Tomorrow at 10:15 am in Temple, TX, we launch The Vine Church and this will be our feature song. It is a kind of prayer for where we want to go as community of […]

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Tough Sledding: How To Read Difficult Books

As a preacher, church and community leader and comunicator, I do a great deal of reading, studying and research. Much of this is difficult technical and academic literature. This reading gives people the illusion that I’m smarter than the average bear, but that’s not really true. Truth is, even though I read a lot of demanding material; I’m not a natural […]

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