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Help Your Preacher Preach Better

Your preacher might be better if they could focus on preaching. It had to be said! Truth is, many churches require so much of their pastor that they hardly have anytime to prepare to preach. Preparing to preach isn’t always difficult, but it is time consuming. There’s language study, historical/critical review, prayer, devotional time in […]

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On Angry Preachers & Angry Preaching

I’m growing evermore concerned about the debased preaching in many American churches. Here’s how it goes, preachers are talking about how sin “pisses off” God or that some people think Jesus “dressed like a fairy,” or that Jesus “wasn’t a wuss.” I’ve even heard one well-known pastor tell a story about dismissing a young man’s […]

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Pick A New Logo

A lot of blogs are changing. The reason? Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, launched last week. People all over are relaunching and redesigning their blogs and social media presence. I’ve been considering changes too. In the last four months, since I relaunched this blog, the traffic has increased to nearly 4x’s […]

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