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Breakdown, The First Steps of Deconstructing Your Paradigm

Reading the Bible isn’t as easy as I was taught as a child. For instance, a few months ago I walked a group of people through a class entitled, A Dangerous Word. Essentially we examined how we read scripture. It’s obvious – given the 1,000’s of Christian denominations – that people and ecclesiological traditions read the […]

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Six Messages Kids Need To Hear

Yesterday I shared a post dealing with Barbara Coloroso’s Kids Are Worth It! : Giving Your Child The Gift Of Inner Discipline. Part of Coloroso’s work is teaching parents the six critical messages kids need. I think you’ll find you need them too. What messages are you sending to your kids? How do you communicate […]

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Have We Missed the Heart of the Gospel?

Reconciliation is the heart of the gospel. People have tried to have me think it’s something different. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about answers to 16th Century theo/political questions. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about saving the American family. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about 5 acts of worship. They’ve tried to […]

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Is There Such A Thing As An All Powerful Pastor?

I’m sick of it! Permit me to rant for a moment! And if you’re a pastor/preacher/minister, you’re likely sick of it too. You’ve seen all the tweets and articles in magazines that act as if the pastor is a singular human in their organization, capable of creating and sustaining wonderful health and growth all by […]

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What To Think About Your Work

How do you see your work? Most of us spend the majority of our time working or at work. It’s not our spouses and children who get the best part of our day. Since the workday is typically 8-5, work gets our best. That being the case, shouldn’t Christians envision their work as a center […]

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