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Living The Uncertainty

I ended the sermon this past Sunday speaking authoritatively about the Jesus being “Outside the Tomb.” It was what Fred Craddock would describe as a “sermon of orientation.” It was firm in conviction, unambiguous, and strongly worded: “The tomb is empty!” Just what we need on Easter morning. I said all these things knowing that […]

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It’s Official!

The number of celebrities that think my kids are cute is growing. Now, all readers of this blog (the 5 of you) know how beautiful my girls are, but now it’s official: Hollywood celebrities think they’re beautiful too. First, a few years ago in the Continental President’s Club at LAX, I found myself sitting next […]

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Missing You

So, I’ve taken some time away from the blog. I know you’re asking, “Sean, what’s been on your mind.” The answer. Nothing! That’s why I haven’t written much lately. Believe me, I tried. But in truth, we’ve been kind of busy lately, and busyness is antithetical to thoughtfulness — at least for me. In the […]

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Words Create Worlds

This morning I had a wonderful idea for a blog. It was about the power or words. I was going to talk about Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Barack Obama, saying he offers speeches while she offers “solutions”. The blog wasn’t going to be political, or try to influence anyone’s vote or reveal my politics — […]

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