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The Best of 2016 Or (How To Best Spend Your Time In 2017)

As we draw the curtain on 2016, here are my favs from the past year. These products were not necessarily released this calendar year, but I encountered them this year. My very tongue-in-cheek bio on Facebook cites me as “the curator of what you should like.” Though it’s a joke, it’s a responsibility I take […]

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Why I Stay In Church

As is the case every now and again, Christians start to look at numbers and trends behind those numbers and get worried. We never get worried when the numbers look good (read: bigger numbers). However, we do get nervous when the numerical trends are headed downward. In my home tribe (Churches of Christ) the trends […]

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Over-Saturated Church

This past Sunday, we began a new teaching series called, “It’s Your Move.” Over 4-weeks I’ll be presenting our church’s strategy for ministry in Temple, TX. It’s a simple church strategy. Thinking through the implications reminded me of this which I posted some time ago. —————— I never thought about grass getting too much water. […]

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4 Ways To Help Your Preacher Preach Better

As a congregant you have a significant role to play in helping your preacher preach better. In the last post, we talked about time and the effect lack of time can have on sermon preparation. Think about this: After Seinfeld went off television, Jerry Seinfeld decided to retire all his old stand-up material (watch the […]

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