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Jeremy Lin, Success, & Failure: Your System Makes You Great…or Not!

Your success or failure is likely due to the system you’re in. A few years ago I heard a revolutionary talk from Andy Stanley about systems. He properly diagnosed what I experienced in my work and professional life. Diagnosis? That when there is a recurring problem or breakdown in an organization we jump to the […]

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The Peace & Prosperity of Your City [My Renew Presentation]

This weekend, I spoke at the Renew Conference in Fresno, CA. Everyone who subscribes (upper right hand corner) will receive the written text of the presentation for your own use! Seeking goodness:renew2012 View more presentations from Sean Palmer Books That Informed This Presentation: Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling A Testament of Hope: The Essential […]

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Seeking The Good For Your City…

This weekend I’m presenting at the Renew Conference in Fresno, CA. Jason Locke, the very capable preaching minister there, left the field wide open in terms of what I could present. That’s always a mixed bag. If you’re assigned a topic and flop, at least you can tell yourself you were put in a corner […]

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Join Me @ Renew

Join me February 10-12 at the Renew Conference at the College Church of Christ in Fresno, CA. I’ll be teaching a session about how local churches can become civil and community leaders for the sake of the common good. Renew is a annual event aimed at renewing missional engagement in churches of Christ and beyond. […]

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