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Moral Nuclear Policy (from my friends at 2FP)

New nuclear doctrine a step toward a morally sound nuclear policy Evangelical Christians call Nuclear Posture Review a “welcome attempt to marry idealism and realism” —————————– Today, Evangelical Christians welcome the Obama administration’s long-awaited Nuclear Posture Review as a step toward a morally sound nuclear policy.  Coming just a year and one day after President […]

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Countdown To Zero

Last night I had the privileged and honor of viewing a soon-to-be-released documentary entitled, Countdown To Zero.  The film documents (as you might conclude from it being a “documentary”) the necessity of reducing the world’s  22,000+ nuclear weapons to the whopping sum of ZERO . Those of you who know me and read this blog […]

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A World Without Nukes #2 – The End of The World and Beyond

Another reason to work toward a world free of nuclear weapons is that all Christians ultimately believe that a world of unbounded peace and unity will eventually be. This is an eschatological reasoning. Perhaps John Howard Yoder can best articulate this point, but suffice it to say this: There will be a day in the […]

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