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You’re Talking About Trump…Whether You Want to or Not

Listening to The Verge podcast, I was hit with one of my present realities: Everything in the universe is now about Donald Trump! In case you didn’t know,  The Verge website and podcast covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. While I was listening to an episode recently, the host, Nilay Patel, mentioned that […]

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When Your Politics Becomes Your Lord

I wonder how many of us shouldn’t take communion this Sunday?  At my church, just like many others, to share communion is also to share in making the public confession that “Jesus is Lord.” This simple statement means that Jesus is the firstborn of God and was vindicated as the true God through resurrection. It […]

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Donald Trump, False Prophets, and Why You’re Struggling to See God

I agree with those who feel that America is headed for uncertain times in our near future. According to a new Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday, America’s President-Elect, Donald Trump, will enter the presidency with a historically low approval rating, only 37%. Trump’s approval rating has actually declined since his popular vote loss and electoral […]

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This Is Us: Trump & Clinton Are Mirrors Not Mysteries

We can bemoan and complain about the final two major party candidates in the 2016 Presidential election, but a large part of the blame is staring us in the mirror. Regardless of who is elected, the next President will be the most disliked entering executive ever. We have to face it: Joseph de Maistre was […]

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Episode 004: American Politics, Faith Convictions, & Where To Draw The Line

Sean and John follow up their conversation about the 5 Views of Christianity and Politics by moving the conversation forward and offering the story of Daniel as a potential model for political and cultural engagement.  Should Christians fight back or give in when culture and politics slam against deeply held beliefs, or is there a 3rd way? […]

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