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Have We Missed the Heart of the Gospel?

Reconciliation is the heart of the gospel. People have tried to have me think it’s something different. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about answers to 16th Century theo/political questions. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about saving the American family. They’ve tried to tell me it’s about 5 acts of worship. They’ve tried to […]

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The Peace & Prosperity of Your City [My Renew Presentation]

This weekend, I spoke at the Renew Conference in Fresno, CA. Everyone who subscribes (upper right hand corner) will receive the written text of the presentation for your own use! Seeking goodness:renew2012 View more presentations from Sean Palmer Books That Informed This Presentation: Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling A Testament of Hope: The Essential […]

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Ditching Your Points #2

People question my insistence that preachers should ditch their points. Points, I have argued, are planted and buried with story, whispers and the inspiring word. People don’t need or want step-by-step directions and we’re not interested in the points. Do you need proof? Just think about the last time you read a “User License Agreement” […]

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The Justice Project – A Review

This is a review of ‘The Justice Project’ which I posted at Viral Bloggers. ——————– If you are looking for a primer on justice, then “The Justice Project” is a good place to start. Another entry from the “Emersion” partnership between BakerBooks and Emergent Village (which I heard was dead), “The Justice Project” props the […]

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