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Over-Saturated Church

This past Sunday, we began a new teaching series called, “It’s Your Move.” Over 4-weeks I’ll be presenting our church’s strategy for ministry in Temple, TX. It’s a simple church strategy. Thinking through the implications reminded me of this which I posted some time ago. —————— I never thought about grass getting too much water. […]

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The True Nature of Preaching

I first discovered the sermons and writing of Barbara Brown Taylor about 9 years ago when I read The Preaching Life. Recently I been looking back over the book. Here are some great words from her: “If the preaching they hear is effective, it will not hand them sacks of wisdom and advice to take […]

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4 Ways To Help Your Preacher Preach Better

As a congregant you have a significant role to play in helping your preacher preach better. In the last post, we talked about time and the effect lack of time can have on sermon preparation. Think about this: After Seinfeld went off television, Jerry Seinfeld decided to retire all his old stand-up material (watch the […]

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On Angry Preachers & Angry Preaching

I’m growing evermore concerned about the debased preaching in many American churches. Here’s how it goes, preachers are talking about how sin “pisses off” God or that some people think Jesus “dressed like a fairy,” or that Jesus “wasn’t a wuss.” I’ve even heard one well-known pastor tell a story about dismissing a young man’s […]

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