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Road Trip #4: Back Home

Wow! There’s nothing like coming home: your own bathroom, bed, and easy chair just can’t be beat. Unfortunately, when you leave town for a week, all your work is still waiting for you when you get back. That’s ok though, there are a lot of good things happening in my life and the Kingdom of […]

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Road Trip #3: Similarity

It’s easy for me to think that over time I become less and less like my family of origin. I suppose that comes from growing up and moving far away from home and not being able to get back very often. Over time, home seems less like the place that birthed you and more like […]

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Road Trip #2: Surrender

We made it to the Atlanta. I spent the entire day wife my wife, daughter and grandmother adding my mom to the mix after we arrived tonight. The entire day I reminded myself, “Enjoy the view.” Hey, it isn’t everybody that gets God commenting on his blog. Anyway, I just finished watching one of my […]

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Road Trip

I’m not a fan of road trips. Never have been. The idea of sitting in a car going across the country is almost death to me. My brother, Richard, is the complete opposite. He loves being in the car and driving. A guy who cannot normally sit down for five minutes can drive for hours […]

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