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The Cost of Winning

I love winning. I grew up in Mississippi loving to play both soccer and baseball, but mostly loving to win. From an early age, the question I ask my children at the end of their games; “Did you have fun?” never mattered to me. I wanted to win! And couldn’t understand those kids on my teams […]

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Sin In The Camp: When Truth Is Designed to Injure

When American Idol was in its Simon Cowell heyday, the musical pundit and caustic judge would frequently say to inept singers, “If I’m being honest…” and then go on to eviscerate the hopeful stars. Most of the time Cowell hit fairly close to the mark. He couldn’t know the contestant was “the worst singer in […]

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Speaking The Truth In Love

The Christian way of being mean is telling those we’ve offended that we’re “speaking the truth in love”. Misappropriating this little gem from Ephesians 4 is popular because it allows us to be rude, condescending, and hurtful to non-Christians while simultaneously allowing us to hold on to our own privilege and self-righteousness. There’s been a […]

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Help Your Preacher Preach Better

Your preacher might be better if they could focus on preaching. It had to be said! Truth is, many churches require so much of their pastor that they hardly have anytime to prepare to preach. Preparing to preach isn’t always difficult, but it is time consuming. There’s language study, historical/critical review, prayer, devotional time in […]

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