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Lord, Have Mercy

As I’ve mentioned, I’m teaching a class on spiritual formation and spiritual disciplines. The class is going well, but as is the case whenever a group of people explore spiritual formation, there are points that stretch all of us. The stretching is always both painful and necessary. After all, theses practices are designed to aid […]

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Lenten Reflections 1

This year I’m trying something new for Lent. Rather than something consumable, I’m giving up something more destructive: Harshness. The reason? As I’ve said many times, my family is in the middle of a huge transition. We’ve changed churches, the type of ministry we do, the school our daughter attends, the way our very lives […]

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Wise Words #1

I’m oft reminded of the wise words I’ve come to memorize and live by over my life. (I’ll post wise sayings every now and then.)These sayings, for whatever reason, have exploded in my mind and I will never forget them. Today’s wise words are from one of my heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr. “In the […]

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Crooked Speech

Okay, so when I’m not blogging, I blog, and when I am blogging, I don’t write a thing. Funny thing.  ————— If you live in the U.S., you’ve probably been paying attention — at least on some level — to our national politics. In two weeks we’ve had a historic nominee and political convention, a […]

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One of the things I try hard to do, and often fail at, is  to be gracious. I think it’s important to steadily treat people with the grace that God gives me. If you’re wondering why it’s important to be gracious, just check out Tiki Barber’s interview with Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning at MSNBC.com. […]

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