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The Arrest

A Homily ——————— That night itself was pregnant with the pangs of irony and opposites.  As the mob marched with torches and lanterns—in search of The Light.  Gathered in anger, anxiety and anticipation soldiers, Priest, police and Pharisees brandish their weapons to make war against the Prince of Peace.  Judas backed by army, but lacking […]

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Revising Yourself

Few things are as bad as wanting something to be done and over and knowing it’s not. Worse still is the knowledge that your project is miles from conclusion. Writers, in particular, know the anxiety and exasperation of wanting a project finished, but staring in the face of unwanted edits. I used to hate being […]

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Creating Space For Women to Speak

Last December, I published my first e-book, Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women. What began as a sermon series years ago, became an obsession, which then became Scandalous. I had no agenda when I wrote Scandalous; that is no agenda other than allowing the strong and beautifully brave women mentioned in the genealogy of […]

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I Did Everything Wrong

“I did everything wrong.” These were the words that leapt to my mind Monday afternoon as I was preparing for the launch of my first e-book, “Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women.” The thought wasn’t simply nerves or anxiety. It was the truth. With everything I’d learned about launching an e-book, given all the […]

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