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How To Ignite Your Faith

If you live in Central, TX, you don’t want to miss IGNITE at The Vine Church tonight. IGNITE is a worship experiment. We’ll begin at 6:30, but you can come at 5:45 to share a meal with us. Here’s an excerpt from my comments tonight:

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What To Think About Your Work

How do you see your work? Most of us spend the majority of our time working or at work. It’s not our spouses and children who get the best part of our day. Since the workday is typically 8-5, work gets our best. That being the case, shouldn’t Christians envision their work as a center […]

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A Little Encouragment For Writers

Writing turns out the be one thing we can control in a world where much feels beyond our control. Most of us will not be spearheading protest marches against the World Trade Organization, masterminding boycotts against sweatshops in China, or leading the charge against oil exploitation in Nigeria. We won’t be building orphanages for children […]

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