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Ready to "Get Scandalous"

My first ebook, “Scandalous: Lessons in Redemption From Unlikely Women” released in December 2012. It can be yours FREE.

In it I’ll walk you through Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1. Oh, my, there is so much there – so much more than you know and there are hidden stories that illuminate the purpose of Jesus’ coming into the world. It is my belief that you will be moved and touched by the story Matthew wants to tell.

Here’s How You Get It:

All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to this blog (upper right-hand corner) and you will be e-mailed instructions to how to get your copy! It’s that simple. Click HERE to find out more.


The Voice of Psalms

Several years ago I was honored to be a part of a dynamic and stirring Bible translation, The Voice. In particular, you can find my work in “The Voice of Psalms.” For centuries, The Psalms have blessed the church is times of celebration, lament, questioning and moments of victory. And they can do the same for you.

Inside “The Voice of Psalms” you’ll find daily reading plans, devotional reading plans to inspire you during Easter and Lent, and words that express your soul’s experience as it walks with God.

“The Voice of Psalms” and the entire Voice translation have been described to me as a “breath of fresh air” and a “renewal of hope” for spiritual lives. Make sure “The Voice” finds it way to your shelf.

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