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The Pride of My Life…

One of the truths of my life is that I get a lot of attention. Certainly, some of that attention is negative and critical, but the lion’s share is positive. I get to write some, travel and speak and have people gush about how I’ve blessed their lives. But today, I get to gush about […]

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One Day Done

I woke up this morning in beautiful Malibu, CA. The only problem was aI woke up at 4am to the cries of my 11-week old daughter and the the snores of my 3 year-old daughter. Nevertheless, 2 hours later when I arose for good, it was to brisk, clean air and sights of the moutains […]

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Missional and other things…

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about Missional Church. The scope of the discussion is extremely broad, and the language itself gets used by so many people many so many different things that it’s difficult to get your head around. Though I’ve been immersed in the literature for about 6 years now, I […]

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Homiletical Fast Food

I know that I’ve already blogged twice about sermonic plagiarism, but evermore interesting thought concerning the issue continues to arises. Trust me, I’m not on a hunt to root out some plagiarizer, rather people keep giving me head’s up when they come across something on the subject. This week our Administrative Minister handed me an […]

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The Blogosphere

Lat week we hosted and led two memorial services for dearly loved members of our community. One was 93 and the other 74. In the midst of all this, one of our elders’ wives was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which they thought was malignant at fist glance. To say the least, it was a […]

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