About Me

The Cusp of Riches

My wife, Rochelle and I have been talking and thinking a lot about missional living and radical giving. The world is such that there are people in need no matter where you look and everywhere you turn, which means there are myriad ways to offer gifts to those in need. Truthfully, I have always struggled […]

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I’ve been a San Antonio Spurs fan for years–since the heyday of David Robinson. I love the team and have celebrated each of their three championships with great joy. And yes, I want them to win it again this season! However, since my wife–who is also a Spurs fan–is from Phoenix we decided to root […]

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The Worship Industry

This video – featuring Brian McLaren – is for all my friends who are worship leaders. Each of them works hard to draw people into a communion with God and the pressure is often frustrating.At the very moment that someone in a church is praising them for how they experienced God that day, another person […]

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