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Books and Tina Fey

The Writer’s Guild strike is under way. I’m not looking forward to January, should the strike continue, when there won’t be any new episodes of 30 Rock. But I’m surprised by the people who are truly worried about their soap operas, late-night talk shows, and prime-time addictions going away. I typically don’t like strikes, but […]

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Voting Time

Yesterday was an “election” day here in Harris county. It was a strange election because no one was up for election – at least out in Katy where I live. The ballot was a list of bond proposals and propositions. I was interested primary interested in Prop 15 which created $3B for cancer research.While I […]

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Questions for Heaven!

01. Why does the weatherman on the ten o’clock news tell me what the weather was like earlier that day? I know already. I was there. Dude, what do I need to wear tomorrow? 02. When did every Tuesday become “Super Tuesday?” Didn’t Super Tuesday used to be one actual day? Every Tuesday can’t be […]

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I might have jumped back in to the caffeine thing a little too quickly after having nothing but water for two weeks. Yesterday, I drank three large cups of coffee and a caffeinated soda late in the afternoon. I shouldn’t have. All day I was agitated. Little things got on my nerves. I felt aggressive. […]

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