About Me


I’ve been a San Antonio Spurs fan for years–since the heyday of David Robinson. I love the team and have celebrated each of their three championships with great joy. And yes, I want them to win it again this season! However, since my wife–who is also a Spurs fan–is from Phoenix we decided to root […]

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The Worship Industry

This video – featuring Brian McLaren – is for all my friends who are worship leaders. Each of them works hard to draw people into a communion with God and the pressure is often frustrating.At the very moment that someone in a church is praising them for how they experienced God that day, another person […]

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The Pride of My Life…

One of the truths of my life is that I get a lot of attention. Certainly, some of that attention is negative and critical, but the lion’s share is positive. I get to write some, travel and speak and have people gush about how I’ve blessed their lives. But today, I get to gush about […]

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