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Remembering Coffee

Yesterday our church began the H2O Project. Those who chose to will forgo all drinks but water for the next two weeks, tally the monies that we save and give it Living Water International, which builds wells around the world. It’s shocking to me to know that over 1 billion people in the world don’t […]

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P is for Poor

One of my favorite authors and thinkers, Brian McLaren has a new book out this month entitled, Everything Must Change. Of course, I ran out and bought it though I’m 6,000 feet deep in reading. I had dinner with Brian last year as he was working on the book. The working title was “Jesus and […]

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Race in America

I’m currently doing some writing about the racial reconciliation efforts among Churches of Christ in the late 1960’s. Interesting stuff. And can only be understood, in my opinion, if you understand Barton Stone’s and Alexander Campbell’s views on race, slavery, and social action. When I write and talk about race, people frequently tell me that […]

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Crazy/Beautiful Weekend

Our family is recuperating from a crazy/beautiful weekend. It began early Saturday morning when we arose at 5 a.m. and headed toward downtown Houston to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure benefiting breast cancer education and research. We joined 28,000 other people in walking and running for a cure to a […]

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My Babies

You all know that I have two daughters, but I have a lot of babies. My “babies” are all the kids who have come through my youth groups, been in my small groups at camps and retreats, and who come to touch my life deeply with their spirit and zest for life. Every now and […]

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