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Today was my oldest daughter’s last day of her first year of pre-school. Rochelle and I thought, talked and prayed a lot about whether to send her last fall, but given that the school was in our church, just 40 steps from my office and since she was only in school 2 days a week […]

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Avoiding Christians

As I think more about missional living and missional ecclesiology. The problem many of us have is, “How do we get started? What do we do?” I’m not sure, either, but I think there may be a good place to start: Avoid Christians! I’m serious about this. Since I’m professional clergy, I spend most of […]

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The Sky is Falling

I’ve been working my way through Alan Roxburgh’s The Sky is Falling. Here are some salient quotes from the first half of the book. “America’s religious history has been deeply shaped by the nation’s history and social formation. Beginning with the massive suburbanization of the nation in the mid twentieth century, a deep conviction has […]

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Meet My Needs!

Truth be told, the church has never met my needs. That’s odd to me since I’ve been in it my entire life and now serve her full-time. What’s odd to me is that people in church keep telling me that we need to do things to “meet people’s needs.” Really? I mean, I suppose the […]

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The Cusp of Riches

My wife, Rochelle and I have been talking and thinking a lot about missional living and radical giving. The world is such that there are people in need no matter where you look and everywhere you turn, which means there are myriad ways to offer gifts to those in need. Truthfully, I have always struggled […]

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