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The Other – Part 1

I am proud to have gone to college at a university that sought diversity. They weren’t always good at it, they didn’t always reach their goals, but it was important to me that people of influence there were leaning toward greater participation from all kinds of people, even if we still struggle to understand all […]

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The Wedding of the Century

If you’ve been checking this blog hoping to see what I was thinking, writing and leaving unedited, you’ve likely been disappointed that I have not posted in a while. The reason: Last week, my wife, two daughters and I flew cross-country to my brother’s wedding on 07/07/07. I dutifully and gratefully served as a groomsmen […]

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On Being Non-“Missional”

I am a believer is missional ecclesiology. For me, the issues and imagination of those talking, thinking and intentionally moving in missional ways, while not new, is exciting and necessary for the church as we enter into this evermore post-modern, post-Christian world. One question has been rattling in my head though, and interestingly Scot McKnight […]

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?whY Phone?

Besides thinking that $500 is too much to pay for a phone and besides the fact that $60 is a hefty price per month, there is another reason why I can’t but an iPhone. After church yesterday one of our students caught a ride home with our children’s minister. As the two rode, the student, […]

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Heim on Atonement

After spending the spring reading some missional literature, I’m finally getting to S. Mark Heim’s Saved From Sacrifice: A Theology of the Cross. Honestly, my tribe doesn’t talk all that much about atonement theories. We figure God saved us and we’re pretty happy with that. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the more thought […]

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