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Living Water – Final

I had a Coke Zero this afternoon. Our family, along with just a few others from our congregation were able to make it two weeks drinking only water as part of The H2O Project! Others in the church made it a week and some just 2 or 3 days. This morning our collection netted over […]

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Give it Away

Some people may ask, “Why give up drinks when I can just write a check to Living Water?” Here’s the reason: Sacrificial Giving! For the vast majority of people I know, it is almost impossible for us to give sacrificially. Yet this is the kind of giving that is highlighted and celebrated in scripture time […]

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Hebrews 10.25 talks about believers encouraging one another. I never really got that verse. Probably because most of the time people used it they were focusing on “forsaking the assembly,” or something like that. But today I understand. If you’ve checked this space lately, you noticed that our congregation is in the middle of participating […]

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Week Two

Yesterday, we began our second week of drinking only water. The money we save will go to Living Water International. I’m hopeful that our church will donate $2,000 so that we can have a dedicated well in India. If we are shy of that mark our money will go to Ghana or Uganda where wells […]

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Glad She Cares

The other night, as I was tucking my daughter in for the 7th time that evening, Malia looked up at me and asked, “Why do some people not have clean water?” The reason she asked is that lately Malia has forsaken children’s church and opted for “big church,” and she’s heard about our Living Water […]

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