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Recently, I posted a blog about leaving churches. People leave churches for a host of reasons, but one of the saddest is when folks feel their spiritual vitality fail and fade into distress or nothingness. This happens for a lot of reasons – some legitimate and some illegitimate. I don’t want to go into all […]

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Life Happens

Does anyone know how to get the vomit smell out of a car? On our way back from central Texas Saturday night, my eldest daughter unleashed a fury of vomit in the backseat. What’s more, she was sleeping when she did it, and didn’t wake up until about halfway through. Poor girl! I still find […]

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The Sopranos / Benefit & Sacrifice

Okay, so I know that many people were disappointed with the final episode of The Sopranos on HBO. The ending, for some, was unsatisfactory, but I think David Chase leaves American viewers a lot to think about. Throughout the series, the hanging question has always been the redemption of Tony. Could he be redeemed? Was […]

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Did You Hear About…?

I don’t know why I have found the Paris Hilton saga interesting. Heretofore, I’ve not found anything the girl has or has not done interesting. It seems now that Paris has found God — or something like it. You can read about it here. ——– The Southern Baptist Convention begins next Tuesday in San Antonio. […]

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Leaving Churches

I recently read an article concerning why people leave churches. The author list six reasons. 1. Poor Leadership — “We don’t like the way you’re running things.” 2. Different Style — Different style / preferences in terms of preaching, music, etc… 3. Specific Program — Better kids or youth programs 4. Disillusionment — Frustration, etc… […]

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