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Some time ago, I posted that I had significant news coming. I delayed in posting the news, and then I forgot about posting it. A few people have asked me if I was leaving Houston. At present I am not. But to answer the questions, I am now releasing the news. I have been asked […]

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Convert Or Die!

I hope you are as disturbed as I am about the case involving Abdul Raman, the 41-year old former Afghan aid worker who recently converted to Christianity. Raman is currently facing the death penalty in Afghanistan for his conversion to Christianity. Apparently, converting to Christianity–or anything other than Islam–is against Islamic law! “Rejecting Islam is […]

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Adventures In Missing the Point

Brian McLaren has helped give me a vision for the church and Christianity as an adult. Tony Campolo helped Jesus become meaningful for me as a teenager. Here are some words from their book, Adventures In Missing The Point. I love their take on what salvation means, and what Jesus came to do. It’s a […]

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I’ve got some big news, well, at least it’s big for me, coming soon. So keep posted! Exciting days ahead. Clue #1: BIBLE

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