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Growing Weary

There are certainly worse places in the world to spend a few days than Malibu, CA. Each morning my family looks out over the Pacific Ocean as we eat breakfast, and if that gets too stale, then we simply turn around and look at the mountains. While it is sweltering in my hometown of Houston, […]

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Oprah and Other Thoughts

I wrote an incredible blog about Oprah and the show she did today on world atrocities, but I decided not to publish it. It was just too mean. I’m so mixed on Oprah. I think she does a lot of good for the world, especially in raising attention to overlooked issues. But at the same […]

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Thanks For Checking In.

1. I’m not dead, just busy. I’ll be blogging again soon. 2. Took my daughter to see Veggie Tales Rockin’ Live Tour last night. There’s nothing like hearing 1,000 adults singing, ‘The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.’ Who are those videos made for anyway?

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The News

Some time ago, I posted that I had significant news coming. I delayed in posting the news, and then I forgot about posting it. A few people have asked me if I was leaving Houston. At present I am not. But to answer the questions, I am now releasing the news. I have been asked […]

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Convert Or Die!

I hope you are as disturbed as I am about the case involving Abdul Raman, the 41-year old former Afghan aid worker who recently converted to Christianity. Raman is currently facing the death penalty in Afghanistan for his conversion to Christianity. Apparently, converting to Christianity–or anything other than Islam–is against Islamic law! “Rejecting Islam is […]

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