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I mentioned in my last post that I would be reading a number of books over the Christmas holiday. Well, I’ve begun, and much to the dismay of my wife and daughter, once I start reading it’s hard to get me untangled. One of the books I’m currently reading has me asking some questions. The […]

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Updates On Things Only I Think Are Important.

OK, enough is enough! Two weeks ago I enjoyed my favorite meal from Taco Bell — two double-decker tacos and a bean burrito. The next day people in the northeast were getting sick from eating at Taco Bell. Well, guess what. I ate at Olive Garden yesterday and now folks are getting sick from that. […]

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History as Spiritual Discipline.

I just finished reading Rowan Williams’ book, Why Study the Past: The Quest for the Historical Church. I’m typically resistant to theological books that are on a “quest” for something. Usually they are an experiment in heresy and essential put forth some line of reasoning or argument that has long been debunked — think “The […]

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