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This video really captures much of the state-of-the-church. Like many things, it’s funny because it is true. For readers of this blog, I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about the commercialization of the church. You know all too well the temptation of churches to offer more and more religious goods and […]

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Humilty and Child Rearing

Having a child is a humbling experience. It’s most humbling for the mother; who is poked and prodded; shaken and stirred as doctors and labor and delivery nurses enter and exit her narrow hospital room in their seemingly endless quest to “measure” something. Then there’s the endless parade of nursery nurses and breast-feeding experts coming […]

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::Your Inner Geek::

I’ve long held to the hypothesis that everyone has an “Inner Geek.” What I mean by that is that whoever you are, no matter how cool, there is something – maybe even multiple somethings – that you are a geek about! I’m mainly a geek about church. When going out-of-town or away on vacation, one […]

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I’ve had a small problem all of my life: I’m a complainer. Well, not really a complainer as much as someone who gets very agitated when things don’t go as planned or when people – other than me of course – don’t do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do them. I’m […]

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A Great Day!

We did it! Well, my wife Rochelle did most of the work, but I was there by George! That’s right. This morning, my wife gave birth to a 7lbs 7 ounce baby girl; our second of the finer gender. Her name is Katharine (noble, pure) McKenna Palmer and she – just like her older sister […]

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