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I’ve got some big news, well, at least it’s big for me, coming soon. So keep posted! Exciting days ahead. Clue #1: BIBLE

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Day Surgery

Okay, so my doctor says I have to get my tonsils taken out. Well, I don’t really have to, but if I don’t have it done, whatever I eat will continue to get trapped in the back of my throat causing really bad side effects–you know side effects like funky breath and continues sore throats. […]

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To Own A Dragon

A couple from my congregation gave me a gift certificate for Christian Book Distributors for Christmas. Having too much to read at the time, I purchased two books which weren’t going to be out for some time. The first one arrived this week. It’s Donald Miller’s new book, To Own a Dragon. At his website, […]

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Give Me Jesus

I have been captivated again this week by the simple, yet powerful, song and voice of Fernando Ortega. Every day this week I have listened to “Give Me Jesus”. I was reminded how much I like Fernando and his music last week when I was in Abilene. Mike Cope used these words in his presentation […]

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