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I’m away speaking at a camp for high school students this week. The theme for the week is “Freedom.” What a tough topic, huh? This is an interesting camp. Everyday we speak, pray, discuss, and praise about one topic. I supppose that by the end of the week the kids–and those of us charged with […]

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Catching Up on Blogs

I think I’ve mentioned that I sometimes hit patches that are a little too busy for me to blog consistently. I’m in one of those patches right now. However, I have had some blogs floating around in my head that I haven’t been able to bring together, so here are a few things that should […]

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Another Day in Paradise

I’m sitting outside my room in Malibu right now while my daughter is sleeping and my wife is at a session experiencing God in worship lead by the Zoe Group. It’s been a good day. I don’t usually do “journaling” type stuff in this space. The way I figure it, no one is interested in […]

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Growing Weary

There are certainly worse places in the world to spend a few days than Malibu, CA. Each morning my family looks out over the Pacific Ocean as we eat breakfast, and if that gets too stale, then we simply turn around and look at the mountains. While it is sweltering in my hometown of Houston, […]

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Oprah and Other Thoughts

I wrote an incredible blog about Oprah and the show she did today on world atrocities, but I decided not to publish it. It was just too mean. I’m so mixed on Oprah. I think she does a lot of good for the world, especially in raising attention to overlooked issues. But at the same […]

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