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More on Plagiarism

The topic of sermonic plagiarism keeps coming up – a product of the internet and podcasting age, no doubt. Here’s yet another article on the subject. I guess when The Wall Street Journal gets involved, it’s news! Most public speakers and preachers “borrow” material at some point. We’ve all done it – even if only […]

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Tony Dungy – Super Bowl Winner

I love Tony Dungy! And am so pleased that this man of deep faith, integrity, and character has reached the pinnacle of his profession. As I told my wife earlier tonight, “I like to see good things happen to good people.” I’ve followed Dungy since his days as defensive coordinator in Minnesota and was sorely […]

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20 Questions

Every now and then I’m struck by the fact that so many questions that rattle around in my head never get answered. They just remain questions. And at the same time I realize that more and more questions there are the less and less real answers seem to come. So today I thought I would […]

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