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Grace, Joy and Forgiveness

Yesterday’s sermon was entitled: A Community of Grace, Joy and Forgiveness. The genesis of my thinking on this subject lies in a phone call I recieved over two years ago from a distraught, hurting young woman. Honestly, in the preparing and even the preaching of the sermon I thought it was one of the worst […]

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Quick Hitters…

A new dose of my favorite commercials www.apple.com/getamac/—————– For those of you who don’t know, my wife, Rochelle, is pregnant again. She is due in February! My old college roomate, Chad, and his wife just had a baby boy. One of the guys in my current prayer group is expecting his first son in February. […]

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More On Plagiarism

A few weeks ago I posted a guest blog from Scot McKnight about plagiarism in sermons. Last night I read this article from the NY Times about the subject and the fallout from plagiarism for one particular minister. I post it here for your edification.—————— By MICHAEL LUO The Bible does not discuss plagiarism. But […]

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