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20 Questions

Every now and then I’m struck by the fact that so many questions that rattle around in my head never get answered. They just remain questions. And at the same time I realize that more and more questions there are the less and less real answers seem to come. So today I thought I would […]

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Future Church

One of the books I picked up over the holidays was Erwin McManus’ An Unstoppable Force. Here’s a excerpt that I think is particularly good. It reminds me of what the church — and particularly pastors — are supposed to be up to. In particular, it is a call for existing churches to not rest […]

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Colts vs Bears!

Two African-American coaches in the Super-Bowl. It’s already a win for me! And, what’s more, they’re both good, good men! The real win will be the day when the color of the coaches won’t matter. It’s too early for me to pick a winner, but I’m torn. I have always liked Peyton Manning and I […]

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