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Revising Yourself

Few things are as bad as wanting something to be done and over and knowing it’s not. Worse still is the knowledge that your project is miles from conclusion. Writers, in particular, know the anxiety and exasperation of wanting a project finished, but staring in the face of unwanted edits. I used to hate being […]

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Thank You For Loving!

Today is Loving Day! Mildred Loving, born Mildred Jeter, began dating her husband, Richard Loving, when she was just 11 years old and Richard was 17. In the early years of their marriage, Mildred and Richard were arrested several times together. The reason? Mildred was black and Richard was white. In 1958 it was illegal for […]

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We Don’t Need Another Hero

If you’re living at all, you’re trying to live a better story. Ten years ago I began taking seriously the fact that I only had one life. At the time, I was frustrated. Frustrated at work. Frustrated with my career. Frustrated with just about everyone, especially myself. “The Life And Times of Sean Palmer” wasn’t […]

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