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Rachel Dolezal, “Diverse Churches,” and What We Don’t Get About Each Other

Appearances can be deceiving…except when they’re not. Sometimes, appearances, even more than words, tell the exact truth. That’s why America lost it’s collective head this past week when it was revealed that Spokane, Washington NAACP President Rachel Dolezal was not what she claimed to be, which is African American. As is our national custom, the […]

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14 Things I’ve Learned in 41 Years

It’s my birthday; my 41st birthday. When I was in 6th grade, our preacher turned 40. His wife and some others threw an “Over The Hill” party for him. Well, I’m told that 40 is the new, um 20, which is good, because not only do I not feel “over-the-hill,” I can’t even see the […]

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Sin In The Camp: When Truth Is Designed to Injure

When American Idol was in its Simon Cowell heyday, the musical pundit and caustic judge would frequently say to inept singers, “If I’m being honest…” and then go on to eviscerate the hopeful stars. Most of the time Cowell hit fairly close to the mark. He couldn’t know the contestant was “the worst singer in […]

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