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Moving to Wineskins?

You may have heard that this blog is moving to The Wineskins Network. If so, you might be wondering if that is true. The answer is “yes” and “no.” Let me explain, but first I need to explain some things before I can explain the upcoming changes. I grew up a member of The American […]

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Living At Peace (A September 11th Reflection on Romans 12)

Tomorrow our nation, and our allies around the world, will pause to remember the events of September 11th. As a teacher, my wife Rochelle, will cease teaching science and spend the day guiding students through reflection about the terrorists attacks in New York and Washington. My daughters, in first and fourth grade respectively, will do […]

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How To Get Beyond “Sin Management”

About 50 times a day I crash into the reality that I’m not everything God intended when he created me. Part of the wreckage was caused because I was born into a fallen and sinful world. The rest of the damage has been caused because I am a fallen and sinful person. I don’t like […]

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Can We Stop Talking About “Millennials” Now?

Seriously. Let’s quit. No more “millennial talk.” Now that everyone has either written about what Millennials “want” or responded to what someone else wrote about what Millennials want, it might be time to deal with the elephant in the room: We care about what Millennials want because it saves us all the long, hard, difficult, […]

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I Was a Five-Year Old Legalist!

Legalism is the worst feeling in the world. I know from experience. A Quick(ish) Story: One of the great oddities of my life is that I can’t remember anything before I turned five. I’m pretty sure that means I need therapy. My memories start at five. I have memories from church when I was five. […]

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