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The Life Abundant #4: Getting Fit

Recent posts have been dedicated to the spiritual discipline of physical fitness. No series of post have generate as many personal e-mail and conversations. I’m glad so many are rethinking their stewardship of their bodies. Last week I sat down with Luke Norsworthy and recorded an interview for his podcast, “Newsworthy with Norsworthy.” In it […]

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Stop Wishing the World Were Different

Two weeks ago I spent an hour talking to an old friend. She was lamenting the state of the world. She was upset about the ills of the world.  And I was too. I wasn’t upset the same way she was. She wasn’t talking about ending poverty, war, genocide, or abolishing nuclear weapons. She was […]

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God’s Kingdom: The Concession Prize?

I wrote this piece after the most recent Presidential election. At the time I was raked over the coals by some, but the current climate in Washington and the absolutely pitiful, hateful, unloving, disrespectful, and quite frankly ill-informed political opinions (on all sides) have demonstrated that I was on to something. In short, Christians have […]

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