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Dead Presidents, Details, and the Bethlehem Baby Gap

This homily was given on December 22, 2013 at The Vine Church, and was originally entitled, “Details.” ——————- I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about dead presidents. It’s not because it’s Christmas time and I’ve been handing dead presidents to retailers like Toys-R-Us and Amazon. I’ve been thinking about dead presidents because a […]

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The Secret We Can No Longer Keep

There’s one secret we can no longer keep secret. It’s mental illness. Perhaps, like me, you were saddened for Rick and Kay Warren when you learned of their son, Matthew’s suicide this past weekend. In a letter to his church, Rick acknowledged Matthew’s long struggle with mental disease and how it affected their family through […]

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The Most Dangerous Thing About Advent

A re-post and update of one of my favs from a few years back. ———————— A lot of ministers love preaching during Advent…but it’s also dangerous! For those of us in free church traditions, this is a time of year we can unapologetically turn to the lectionary and no one will give us grief about […]

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