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When Your Politics Becomes Your Lord

I wonder how many of us shouldn’t take communion this Sunday?  At my church, just like many others, to share communion is also to share in making the public confession that “Jesus is Lord.” This simple statement means that Jesus is the firstborn of God and was vindicated as the true God through resurrection. It […]

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You, Me, and the 1%’s Greed

You and I tend to have a problem greed. Just about everyone thinks other people have too much — too many resources, too much money, and so on. It’s easy to take aim at the 1% or the rich people living in the subdivision across town. In a world where so few own so much […]

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How You Act When You Know

When you know you are known, accepted, and loved by God you awake each day complete. There are no hurdles to jump, no mountains to climb, and no agendas to force. You know you can never be more than you are, because what you are is already more than enough. If you don’t know you […]

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Donald Trump, False Prophets, and Why You’re Struggling to See God

I agree with those who feel that America is headed for uncertain times in our near future. According to a new Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday, America’s President-Elect, Donald Trump, will enter the presidency with a historically low approval rating, only 37%. Trump’s approval rating has actually declined since his popular vote loss and electoral […]

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