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The Family & The Fleeing: Christmas In Bethlehem

As a teenager there was a popular Folgers Coffee Christmas commercial (it’s the most popular television commercial in history). A young man—either college age, or recently graduated—enters his parent’s home early on Christmas morning. No one is awake, except what appears to be his little sister, who was about 4 or 5 years old. To […]

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How You See Is What You See

My birth certificate doesn’t tell researchers, marketers, or pollsters how to reach me with their message. Except, it does, at least a little bit. My birth certificate will inform you that that I’m African-American, male and was born in Mississippi. A touch of math will tell you I’m 41-years old. Today, that’s all many people […]

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Vulnerability As Holiness (Tempted #3)

I’m often shocked by how my mental and emotional memories are shaped by TV shows. This is especially true of the TV shows my dad watched when I was kid. You won’t believe this, but up until my senior year in high school, my bedtime was 8:30. As I was going to bed, I’d hear […]

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