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Rescue Your Dying Theology

Christianity will soon experience the death of “theology”…well, kinda sorta. A Quick Story: Twenty-years ago a friend of mine decided to get a Ph.D, in theology. His seminary professor told him, “Begin to learn German as soon as possible.” That’s exactly what he did. The advice from his professor was solid because an enormous corpus […]

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Winning Football, Misreading Scripture, and The Only Child Myth

You know Christianity is deeply embedded in a culture when professional quarterbacks are talking theology in public. You may have missed it if you don’t care about American football (what we call Handegg at my church), but last Sunday the Seattle Seahawks won a dramatic, overtime comeback victory against the Green Bay Packers. The comeback […]

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Disembodied Bodies, Mark Driscoll, and How “Pastor” Has Lost All Meaning

With one simple click of the mouse, Christians can be pastored by their favorite pastor. Regardless of the miles between them, open your web browser and in just a few keystrokes, your preferred preacher is pastoring your soul…except, not really. Here’s one unwitting example: Last week the Internet announced the resurgence of Mr. Resurgence. Mark Driscoll, […]

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