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“There, but for the grace of God, go I,” is a popular statement that hardly anyone believes. In fact, most people, especially those who consider themselves “successful,” believe the direct opposite. They (or we) are successful because of the sweat of our own brow, our hard work and effort, and self-determination to press through obstacles, […]

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How To Get Beyond “Sin Management”

About 50 times a day I crash into the reality that I’m not everything God intended when he created me. Part of the wreckage was caused because I was born into a fallen and sinful world. The rest of the damage has been caused because I am a fallen and sinful person. I don’t like […]

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Your Purity Test Won’t Work…Like Ever!!!

Purity Test don’t work! If you hadn’t noticed, the American political scene is in shambles. Neither party is looking all that great and regardless of your personal political leanings, you’re likely not satisfied with all that is Washington D.C. One of the reasons – at least in my view – is the idea of purity […]

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When Is A Sermon Finished?

A friend once told me “there’s noting worse than amateur poetry.” I get that. Enough poetry is remote and distant, and since most of us stop reading, studying, and enjoying poetry around third grade, we peak with “totes mcgoates” and other ill-fate, poorly thought rhymes. Our love of poetry doesn’t go deep. It’s neither nurtured […]

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Be Excellent to One Another: Bill & Ted Go To Church

A Rabbi sat down with his disciples and asked, “How can you tell when night has ended and the day has begun?”  The first student replied, “It is when, at a distance, you can tell a sheep from a goat.”  “No,” the Rabbi replied.  The second: “It is when, at a distance, you can tell […]

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