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The Cost of Winning

I love winning. I grew up in Mississippi loving to play both soccer and baseball, but mostly loving to win. From an early age, the question I ask my children at the end of their games; “Did you have fun?” never mattered to me. I wanted to win! And couldn’t understand those kids on my teams […]

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Divine Breasts, Divine Love (a guest post from Kelly Edmiston)

Guest Blog: Today’s goes post is from my friend, Kelly Edmiston. Kelly Edmiston is the Student and Family Minister at the First Colony Church of Christ in Sugar Land, TX. Kelly is a passionate leader following God’s call on her life to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus. Kelly is a teacher, preacher, event speaker […]

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Loving Truth & Loving God

We live in an increasingly truth-absent culture. We don’t care if something is true anymore. Facts are soooooo yesterday. Nobodies into facts anymore. We just care if something fits our worldview or if we want it to be true. In a culture which no longer cares about the truth, Christians have to be truth- tellers […]

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