About Me


Our family has been in the Bay area for 2 full weeks as of right now. Friends both here and across the country keep asking what differences we see between our new and former environment. At this point I’m not sure what the major differences are. We spent most of our time working; me at […]

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Loving Well

I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because our family has been so busy setting up office and house. In addition, I had to hit the ground running here in Redwood City. It seems that life doesn’t wait for you to get settled. On the preaching front, this past Sunday we began an 8-week study […]

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A Miserable Failure

Here’s a taste of what I’ve done the past few weeks while I have not been blogging. 1. Fixing a roof damaged by Hurricane Ike. 2. Getting my home ready to rent. (Fixing a roof damaged by Hurricane Ike, repairing plumbing in the kitchen and master bathroom, painting, repairing ceiling pop-outs, putting in new ceiling […]

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The List

It’s official. I”m out!! The Christian Chronicle (a paper to which I contributed last month) is running an article noting that my new congregation, Redwood Church, has been omitted from the 2009 edition of The Churches of Christ in the Unites States. The reason: Redwood (along with Farmer’s Branch and Richland Hills) has at least […]

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