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A strange thing happens when you’re not blogging: You keep coming up with blog ideas! When I’m actively blogging I spend traffic time and shaving time thinking about the blog, but when there is no blog to write, there are ideas aplenty. For instance, here are some blog ideas that nevere turned into blogs because […]

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While I’m Not Blogging, Part 2

While I’m still not blogging, I thought you might be interested in ACU’s mLearning initiative’s coverage in the NY Times. The paper mentions Freed-Hardeman, but ACU was the first university in the country to go with iPhones, and I just generally ┬ácare less about Freed-Hardeman (not saying they’re bad; I just didn’t go to school […]

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I’m doing something that doesn’t quite make sense: taking a hiatus from blogging. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because this summer, this space has had a record number of readers. For some reason a lot of people have been checking out The Palmer Perspective. I’m taking a break because I have a few […]

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New Orleans #2

We had a full day today. Our team worked in Port Suphur — somewhere south of New Orleans, I think. The folks down there are having an amazingly difficult time recovering. Our group was at two homes, Jake’s and Rose’s. We got some really great video, but some slight computer difficulties are keeping me from […]

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