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No Room For Ca$h!

The world is in trouble! Big, big, big, freakin’ huge trouble! The reason? No one takes ca$h! In my seemingly endless curiosity and lust for the iPhone 3G, I stopped by my local Apple store today to check out the machine first hand. First, I was shocked that nearly a month after its introduction, there […]

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Catching Up

Since I picked up Flip Video’s Ultra Camera, I’m hoepful of dropping more vlogs (video blogs), like this one. Only in the future, they may have more content.

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You may have noticed in the news today that the U.S. House of Representatives issued an unprecedented apology to black Americans for the wrongs committed against us and our ancestors¬† who were oppressed and enslaved under slavery and the Jim Crow. Interestingly, the resolution was introduced by Steve Cohen, the only white representative from a […]

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Tech and Web Odds and Ends

My brother, Richard, will soon be lining up in Raleigh, NC for his new iPhone 3G. I will not. Since my beloved Apple and their ill-advised choice for partnership, AT&T, have chosen to cut me out of the iPhone by offering it at “special” pricing (see previous post), I will simply keep rockin’ my Samsung. […]

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