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Multi-Site 3

We continue our conversation about multi-site churches today. I always enjoy the comments and email. Through the conversation, my own thinking on the subject is becoming more clear. I wish we could hear from someone who attends or leads a multi-site church in order to get a sense of their perceptions. As a member of […]

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Multi-Site 2

To continue our discussion via comments and email, here are some of my thoughts regarding multi-site churches. The good and the bad are intermixed. As with all things, there are both good and bad aspects and elements that can be used for the glory of God and elements that are simply about the glory of […]

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Multi-Site Church?

I’ve been kicking around the idea/concept of multi-site churches lately. One of the questions that keeps rattling around is this: Why not simply plant a new church? Why not be indigenous? One church here in Houston simply “bought out” another church, changed the decor and called it a new campus, complete with piped in sermons. […]

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Simon Says, “Happy Easter!”

I’m not sure what your church did for Easter service, but the Granger Community Church played a life-sized game of Simon. The Pastor, Mark Beeson, used the game as a sermon illustration. I gotta tell you, that is a long way to go for a sermon illustration.

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Tax Time

As you know, tax time is upon us. I don’t think I know anyone who “enjoys” paying taxes, even though we all use tax dollars — streets, infrastructure, national security, schools, police enforcement, etc — and the headache of having to comb through your receipts and bills from last year make the process even more […]

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