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Multi-Site Church?

I’ve been kicking around the idea/concept of multi-site churches lately. One of the questions that keeps rattling around is this: Why not simply plant a new church? Why not be indigenous? One church here in Houston simply “bought out” another church, changed the decor and called it a new campus, complete with piped in sermons. […]

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Simon Says, “Happy Easter!”

I’m not sure what your church did for Easter service, but the Granger Community Church played a life-sized game of Simon. The Pastor, Mark Beeson, used the game as a sermon illustration. I gotta tell you, that is a long way to go for a sermon illustration.

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Tax Time

As you know, tax time is upon us. I don’t think I know anyone who “enjoys” paying taxes, even though we all use tax dollars — streets, infrastructure, national security, schools, police enforcement, etc — and the headache of having to comb through your receipts and bills from last year make the process even more […]

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Computer Church

One of my favorite websites, Church Relevance, has a list of the top 80 church websites. Obviously websites are a great way to introduce newcomers to a church. When traveling or going to speak for a church, I always check out the church’s website before I go. I like to see the faces of people […]

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Missing You

So, I’ve taken some time away from the blog. I know you’re asking, “Sean, what’s been on your mind.” The answer. Nothing! That’s why I haven’t written much lately. Believe me, I tried. But in truth, we’ve been kind of busy lately, and busyness is antithetical to thoughtfulness — at least for me. In the […]

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