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It’s Official!

The number of celebrities that think my kids are cute is growing. Now, all readers of this blog (the 5 of you) know how beautiful my girls are, but now it’s official: Hollywood celebrities think they’re beautiful too. First, a few years ago in the Continental President’s Club at LAX, I found myself sitting next […]

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National Props

An e-mail I sent concerning Barry Bonds and race to the Jim Rome Show, has been posted as today’s “Huge E-mail of the Day.” Please pardon the type-o’s. But of course, you’re all used to that by now. See the e-mail here.

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A Better Game

So, what do you think? Do Christians talk about their “spiritual practices” in grander terms than they actually practice? Here’s what I mean. 1. Do Christians really read their Bibles? I hear a lot of talk about Bible reading, but am frequently dumbfounded by how little of it people know and how seldom they respond […]

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