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A Whopper for Lunch

After well over a year, I will return to my favorite heart-destroying fast-food chain, Burger King. In short, I — along with many others — have been boycotting The King because the company¬† was participating in literal slavery. Fortunately, the burger chain had a “Come to Jesus” meeting (read: legal actions) and repented. Here is […]

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Going Postal…

For quite a time now I’ve had a series of presentations about the “post-modern/post-Christian” turn in epistemology (the nature and scope of knowing/knowledge). I’ve talked about in at least four states and read more about it than I care to acknowledge. Now before I go on, I do believe the we have a changing epistemology, […]

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It’s Official!

The number of celebrities that think my kids are cute is growing. Now, all readers of this blog (the 5 of you) know how beautiful my girls are, but now it’s official: Hollywood celebrities think they’re beautiful too. First, a few years ago in the Continental President’s Club at LAX, I found myself sitting next […]

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