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Why AT&T Is Stupid!

In May, after our Sprint contract was complete, Rochelle and I switched to AT&T. This move was made in anticipation of my switching to the iPhone 3g, which I had saved for for some time. The new iPhone has been listed at $199 – a price I was willing to pay. Today AT&T announced it’s […]

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Once again a prayer from Walter Brueggeman’s Prayers for a Privileged People. Salvation Oracles (On reading Isaiah 43.1-5) There is a long list of threats around us: terror, cancer, falling markets, killing, others unlike us in all their variety, loneliness, shame, death — the list goes on and we know it well. And in the […]

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Off The Tracks

Do ever feel as if your life has come off the tracks? Right now, there are hints of derailment going on at our home. First, my wife, Rochelle pulled her Achilles and is in the third week of a six week confinement to a boot and crutches. Second, her mother, who was here to help […]

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5 Things I Think I Think.

Borrowing again from sportswriter Peter King, here are 5 Things I Think I Think. 1. Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog has the best take on the Dobson/Obama biblical debate. Check it out here. 2. The most nervous person in the world yesterday was Tiger Woods’ knee surgeon. Can you say “Billion Dollar Knee?” 3. Nothing […]

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