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My brother, Richard, will soon be lining up in Raleigh, NC for his new iPhone 3G. I will not. Since my beloved Apple and their ill-advised choice for partnership, AT&T, have chosen to cut me out of the iPhone by offering it at “special” pricing (see previous post), I will simply keep rockin’ my Samsung. […]

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Outside of Books

In this space, I mention a lot of books that I read. And, I read a lot of books. This summer, however, I’m spending some time away from books; save Grisham’s The Brethren and Heim’s The Depth of Riches. So, instead of books, I’m offering up some alternatives for those of you looking for something […]

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Why AT&T Is Stupid! (Part 2)

Check this: An iPhone at a discounted rate may still be available for me since I’m a graduate student at ACU – the first university in the world to integrate and incorporate iPhone into learning. My problem? The phone I have now is 3G phone, I think, so I may not be elegible still. Anyway, […]

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Why AT&T Is Stupid!

In May, after our Sprint contract was complete, Rochelle and I switched to AT&T. This move was made in anticipation of my switching to the iPhone 3g, which I had saved for for some time. The new iPhone has been listed at $199 – a price I was willing to pay. Today AT&T announced it’s […]

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