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An e-mail I sent concerning Barry Bonds and race to the Jim Rome Show, has been posted as today’s “Huge E-mail of the Day.” Please pardon the type-o’s. But of course, you’re all used to that by now. See the e-mail here.

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A Better Game

So, what do you think? Do Christians talk about their “spiritual practices” in grander terms than they actually practice? Here’s what I mean. 1. Do Christians really read their Bibles? I hear a lot of talk about Bible reading, but am frequently dumbfounded by how little of it people know and how seldom they respond […]

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I keep questioning when (or where) is the right time and place for questions. Just recently I saw an interview by Tony Jones (of Emergent Village fame) with John Chisham (of criticizing Emergent Village fame). When asked what his “beef” with Emergent was, Chisham said that people like him don’t like Emergent because they “don’t […]

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The Noise

I recently picked up Walter Brueggemann’s book, Prayers for a Privileged People. Great prayers, poems really! This morning, one particular prayer caught me eye. This is especially pertinent given this political time and the upcoming election. It’ called, The Noise of Politics. We watch as the jets fly in             with the power people and […]

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