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New Orleans 1

These are some scenes from our travel day and first day in New Orleans. I try to narrate the day, but when the work starts, video-making has to end. We had a great first day. Lots of sweat, hard work, nicks, small cuts, and a little blood! Just a little blood. Don't worry. Tomorrow we […]

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Missional? When? Part 2: A Missional Lens

I'm headed out for a few days, so I'll have to suspend the missional conversation for a few days. Keep checking back, though, there will be material here. If you don't mind, I ask for your prayers this week. It's been a difficult summer in a lot of ways. And don't forget: Please chime in […]

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No Room For Ca$h!

The world is in trouble! Big, big, big, freakin’ huge trouble! The reason? No one takes ca$h! In my seemingly endless curiosity and lust for the iPhone 3G, I stopped by my local Apple store today to check out the machine first hand. First, I was shocked that nearly a month after its introduction, there […]

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Catching Up

Since I picked up Flip Video’s Ultra Camera, I’m hoepful of dropping more vlogs (video blogs), like this one. Only in the future, they may have more content.

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