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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. As I was playing with my daughters earlier I realized that they are what makes me a father, and they are the reason I want to be a good father. Chris Rock once said that father’s of daughters have one job: “to keep their daughters off the pole.” Obviously there is […]

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Felt Board Basics

This Sunday I’m beginning a sermon series entitled, Felt Board Basics: Rediscovering the Tales Told to Jesus. The impetus for the series comes from reading Old Testament Bible stories to my two young daughters, Malia and Katharine. Indeed, these are the same stories that shaped a young boy named Jesus who couldn’t get enough of […]

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Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, you owe it to yourself to tune in and watch HBO’s latest original movie, Recount. The story attempts to “recount” the story of the Florida Presidential recount in 2000. Most of us remember the recount, but I think few people know about the personal agendas and […]

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A Whopper for Lunch

After well over a year, I will return to my favorite heart-destroying fast-food chain, Burger King. In short, I — along with many others — have been boycotting The King because the company  was participating in literal slavery. Fortunately, the burger chain had a “Come to Jesus” meeting (read: legal actions) and repented. Here is […]

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