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Word Stops

Most blog writers are blog readers. They are typically people who love the world of words and ideas and the way words and ideas become realities in the real world. The average blogger begins his or her day in front of the computer checking their favorite blogs. This is what I do. So today I […]

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Following Directions

First, I ask of you to pray for me and my fellow residents of Houston, TX as Hurricane Ike bears down on our city. As a boy, my family referred to me as “Reverend Ike” because I used to mimic the song leader in church. (Note: Reverend Ike was a black TV preacher who used […]

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Crooked Speech

Okay, so when I’m not blogging, I blog, and when I am blogging, I don’t write a thing. Funny thing.  ————— If you live in the U.S., you’ve probably been paying attention — at least on some level — to our national politics. In two weeks we’ve had a historic nominee and political convention, a […]

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