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Writing to Change the World

From Mary Pipher’s Writing to Change the World: “Jesus exemplifies our confused attitudes about radicals. To the entrenched, greedy powers of His time, He was a real troublemaker. He was a pacifist who disdained the wealthy and religious hypocrites, and He befriended prostitutes and beggars. Yet for two thousand years, He has been revered. Still, […]

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Happy Birthday, Boo!

My youngest daughter, Katharine (who at home is just called “Boo”), turns one-year old today. Malia’s first year seemed to take forever, Katharine’s moved lightening fast! It’s amazing how different our girls are. Malia is an investigator. She’ll get interested in something and want to know everything about it. Katharine is an explorer. She likes […]

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One of the things I try hard to do, and often fail at, isĀ  to be gracious. I think it’s important to steadily treat people with the grace that God gives me. If you’re wondering why it’s important to be gracious, just check out Tiki Barber’s interview with Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning at MSNBC.com. […]

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a litte fun, tears, and the love of children

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written about overtly spiritual matters, but I shall return to those themes soon. (Although, if I were market-driven, I wouldn’t blog about spiritual themes since my readership is way, way up in the last month.) Anyway, one of my favorite TV shows of strike shortened season, […]

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My friend TQ has a new CD dropping at the end of February. Check out his website and the three free downloads. I’ve learned one of the songs myself and have been playing it around the house. ————— Since the writer’s strike has left TV is a meaningless abyss of Reality TV, we’ve been following […]

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