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Rush on Wednesday

One of my favorite blogs in authored by Mark Love. Each Sunday, Mark writes “Dylan on Sunday” a reflection on the music of Bob Dylan. I kinda think that’s a fun idea. One problem: I don’t like Bob Dylan. I’m okay with you liking him, his just a little nasal for me (begin throwing stones […]

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The Non-Writing Life

I’m not dead!! If you were beginning to worry where I’ve been, I want you to know that the Grim Reaper hasn’t yet caught up to me. I’m still alive and kicking. The reason for my blogosphere absence is because (1) I haven’t had time recently to post, (2) I haven’t had anything to post, […]

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My Dungeon Shook

Well, since we have been surveying African-American literature this week, I thought I would post James Baldwin’s My Dungeon Shook. Baldwin penned this letter to his nephew — also named James — on the occasion of America’s 100th birthday. This piece is beautiful, with some of the most poignant phrases in all of literature.  ——————- […]

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